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2004- 2022

Remembering our fluffy toy poodle Pearl...

Pearl was close to 18 years old and was loved by everyone. In turn, she greeted all with affection.

Sadly, Pearl showed us it was her time to leave, and we knew it was time to say goodbye to our beloved gem, though we needed time to accept it. Our desire was to have her leave us peacefully. Making the selfless decision was a long and difficult one. Our favorite person and veterinarian, Dr. Elizabeth Balter, the kindest human we know, made a life changing career. She left large animal, livestock veterinary medicine. Elizabeth started a beautiful practice of euthanasia within your own home for your beloved pets ease. For Pearl and our family, this was like a Divine intervention.

The process was peaceful, warm, cozy, intimate. Pearl left us curled up in the comfy donut bed she loved, simply unaware. Pearl greeted Dr Elizabeth, lifting her head from her bed as if to say hello when Elizabeth arrived, and then simply placed her head back down to sleep contently. Elizabeth calmly chatted with us for some time. Gave us time to say our goodbyes to Pearl in private with loving memories. When we were ready to peacefully let Pearl pass, Dr Balter with professionalism, and a calm demeanor, explained the process. We already knew Dr Balter as a loving doctor who listened to my every word when it came to my livestock -- a calm caring doctor and mostly a friend. The perfect person who radiates warmth, kindness, compassion, love, and the grace-- perfect for her new practice. We admire her courageous move. We are proud to know Elizabeth.

Our Pearl was touched by an angel and is now running playfully, joyfully once more. Pearl was full of wonder and excitement in life non-stop. Her affection was endless. I want to remember her as she was bouncing around. The little toy respected matriarch of our large pets. This was the last kind act we did for her knowing it was her time. We miss her terribly! But her quality of life was no longer in question. You simply know. Pearl knew. Thank you Elizabeth for this new experience for us to say goodbye to our beloved pet. Pearl calmly snuggled in her donut bed in our bedroom amongst everything familiar. She was unaware and peaceful. Love filled the room.


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