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Veterinary Services

At Greener Pastures Veterinary Services, our goal is to help pet families through one of the hardest transitions of their life. We are here for you every step of the way, from compassionate communication and assessment, to dignified euthanasia in the comfort of your home (or backyard), to thoughtful aftercare options + a grief support hotline. 

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In Home Euthanasia

Dr. Balter is available to come to your home to provide a peaceful, compassionate, and dignified euthanasia to your beloved pet. Home euthanasias can be in your pet's favorite room, outside, in their bed, or anywhere they (and you) are comfortable. 

Quality of Life Assessment + Pre- Euthanasia Consultation

Not sure if it's time to say goodbye to your pet? Want to meet in person before the euthanasia? Dr. Balter is happy to come to your home or video-chat to discuss the difficult decision at hand. She can help facilitate a discussion of your pet's quality of life, and markers that can help determine if and when euthanasia is the appropriate choice. 

Cremation Services

Dr. Balter has partnered with Final Gift Pet Cremation Services to provide aftercare services that honor the life of your dear pet. Private and group cremations are offered. 

Grief Support Hotline

All clients of Greener Pastures Veterinary Services receive access to a complimentary pet loss / grief support hotline. It is completely anonymous, available 24/7/365, and staffed by licensed professionals.

Honoring your pet's life, to the very end.

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