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About Dr. Elizabeth Balter

     I was born and raised in the Hudson Valley, surrounded by dogs, cats, fish, hermit crabs, and even a fire-bellied toad. Like many animal-obsessed children, I told anyone who would listen that I wanted to become a veterinarian "when I grew up". After earning my Bachelor’s degree in Biology from Vassar College, and my Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from Cornell University, I had successfully turned my childhood dream into my reality.

     After veterinary school, I moved back to the Hudson Valley to join a mixed-animal practice in Copake, NY, where I practiced predominantly livestock medicine for several years. During these years, I had the privilege of traveling to thousands of homes and farms, taking in the full scope of the human-animal bond. When the COVID-19 pandemic swept through our world, I had the honor of being asked to perform several in-home euthanasias by clients and friends who could no longer go with their pet into their vet's clinic to say goodbye. These powerful and transformative experiences allowed me to help beloved pets pass in the arms of their people, in the comfort of their home, and led me to start Greener Pastures Veterinary Services. 

     What I didn't realize as an animal-obsessed kid, is that loving and treating animals is only half of what it means to be a vet. Over a decade of working in the veterinary field, I have learned that the people and families behind the animals are what makes this field so deeply rewarding. In my work with Greener Pastures Veterinary Services, I believe I am answering my true calling in honoring the human-animal bond, and helping to make one of the most difficult decisions in a pet-owner’s life a little bit less painful.

Dr. Elizabeth in white coat with equine patient

About Greener Pastures Veterinary Services

Greener Pastures Veterinary Services, LLC was founded by Dr. Elizabeth Balter in the summer of 2022, after Dr. Balter saw the need for a mobile, in-home euthanasia service in Berkshire County. Dr. Elizabeth is passionate about providing end-of-life care that celebrates the wonderful life your pet has lived, and honors the human-animal bond that you share.

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Our Practice Range

We are based in Great Barrington, MA and Licensed in MA, NY, and CT
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