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Ringo Star Cornwell

10/31/2010 - 04/11/2024

AKA: Ringo Dingo, Ringworm, Baby Ring Ring, Ring ding do da and many others.

Ringo crossed the rainbow bridge today after a brief bout with cancer of the jejunum. An aggressive cancer that had spread to his other organs already based on this past year’s symptoms and the diagnostic tests we had at the Deerfield Veterinary Hospital. We took him home yesterday to spend quality time with him and give him some comfort and a peaceful and dignified passing at home wrapped in the love of our ams and hearts. He will have left an indelible print on our souls. 

The Good Stuff:

Ringo was born on Halloween to a family with young twins and was raised around lots of child centered activities. We took him home to our first house in Dalton as a Christmas gift for our youngest son Spencer. Ringo made fast friends with our 6 year old Lab mix Mocha and learned all of his dog-ness from her. She absolutely adored him and he loved her. They often slept as spoons and Mocha learned how to spar with just her face so she could teach him how to battle without hurting him accidentally. She was such a good girl with him, and they were inseparable. We lost Mocha in 2016 and he was our only dog for another 4 years. In 2020 his pack was restored with the addition of Greta to our family. This time it was his turn to be the teacher. How ironic it was for him to learn the lessons Mocha taught to then turn around and teach them to Greta. He was a little dog, but very much behaved like a Lab. He learned to love Greta despite the fact that she ended up being 10 times bigger than he was. She tolerated being second and learned how to be gentle by his corrections. I know they can communicate and have been humored for many years with their antics. 

Things I Learned From Ringo:

Be present 

Be yourself

Be enthusiastic

Show affection

Forgive easily

Take a walk

Shake it off

Naps are good

Pay attention in nature

Help the weaker ones

Slow down

Show up with gifts ( he always greeted everyone with a gift of whatever he could find)

Be supportive to those in need

Protect the ones you love

Always be kind and loving

Rest in Peace Sweet Boy, we will never forget you!!!


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